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Welcome to my blog. Here I share my successes and failures along my journey to becoming an anthropologist. My most prominent interest anthropologically are the new approaches to handing food security/healthy eating in the US, particularly in urban "food deserts". I enjoy the Anthropology of Tourism as well; combining food and tourism has scholarly promise. My other interests which have converted into anthropological hobbies of sorts include converts to Islam, diaspora of Muslims, and MENA in general. I also have some interest in historical archaeology.

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Friday, August 21, 2009

career profile test #2

Here is another one I came across but it so inaccurate!! I repeatedly said I am not proficent at math and they said I would make a good engineer. Umm..no. However, it said I had a "strong match" for being a university professor. lol

82% Match

Tiffany , you have a 82% match in this career cluster. For more information please click on any sample occupation or related cluster that interests you. Be sure to click the Display Response Summary link below to see how your responses compare to those indicated by the Department of Labor.

Work Performed

Work activities in this group primarily involve planning and coordinating engineering, scientific, and technical programs and activities. Typically, work occurs in a scientific or industrial environment and involves formulating policies and standards, planning and directing projects and programs, and monitoring personnel.

Worker Requirements
Intellectual capacity to comprehend and apply engineering, scientific, or technical principles and methods; organizational ability to plan, formulate, and carry out programs and policies; verbal facility to deal effectively with personnel; and mathematical ability.

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