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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

James Carroll interview

I am not fully back but here is an interesting interview of James Carroll. I just watched his excellent brave documentary titled: 'Constantine's Sword: No War is Holy.

In it, he focuses on the hatred Christians have historically put upon the Jews. Additionally, he touches on Islam and what Christians (particularly the U.S military) are doing to proliferate the hatred.

I enjoyed the documentary. Here is a 20 minute interview some of you may enjoy.



Chiara said...

I disagree with his premise that religious wars started with Constantine, and with his assertation of the anti-semitism of Popes which has been contradicted by David Raban who shows there are a group of disaffected Catholics and ex-priests trying to effect change within the RC Church by using anti-semitism as a lever.

Pope Pius XII, the WWII Pope is coming to be understood, by the Jews themselves, as having done a great deal for them during the Nazi era, and maintaining a sufficiently compliant profile to be able to continue to operate. The issue of the military chaplains evangelizing within the ranks, and seeing themselves as on a Crusade to convert the American troops while they are crusading in the Middle East is an important one on which much has been written.

Thanks for the reference.

Anthrogeek10 said...

I don't know enough about Christian and Catholic history to make a rebuttal to your comment. lol

Regarding evangelistic behavior within the military, that does not suprise me.

Chiara said...

I tried to find the military links, but they refuse to appear. Hmmmm, very suspicious that! LOL!
If I find anything interesting I will post in here.

I'm becoming quite the Pope Pius XII fan, and hoping for his canonization--rather funny for someone who cares more about the Papacy as a historical and political player, or then again maybe not! LOL :)