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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Harvard? For me??

I spoke of this issue before but I will say it again....

I WANT TO GO TO HARVARD UNIVERSITY!! I REALLY do. They have a neat program called
Harvard Extension School. I am not sure of the objectives but I think it is to give anyone a chance at the prestigious school. I would go for the Masters program in Middle Eastern Studies.

Even before I get accepted I need to register for 3 classes (and take them of course!). I would have to move to Boston for a summer. I would need to find a way to pay for them at 1950.00 a class. wow. :-) What a steal. How do I do that? sigh. They do not have much financial aid for classes that are not taken in a degree program. I want this. Bad ass want this. :-) Here is the link for the program.

They have a whole 16 week class on jihad! :-) I am such a Middle Eastern Studies junkie.



Chiara said...

Looks like a great idea.

Would the 3 courses need to be non-degree related or could you make them serve your current or future degree?

I'm glad to know about this option, too!

BTW I'd be interested in a post on El Fadl.

Anonymous said...

That sounds exciting!! I'm not sure how to pay for that amount, can anyone in your family help you out? :)

Anthrogeek10 said...

BTW I'd be interested in a post on El Fadl.

Well, I could do a book review if you like. I read The Great Theft. WEhat were you referring to?

The courses need to be graduate level. Additionally, they need to be basically the ones they say.

This one (for Middle Eastern Studies M.A)

HUMA E-100 Graduate Research Methods and Scholarly Writing in the Humanities

This one for anthropology (I am deciding on which one I want).

SSCI E-100a Graduate Research Methods and Scholarly Writing in the Social Sciences: Anthropology and Psychology

Here are offerings in the Middle East section. I am sure it changes from year to year. I need to take one of these and one out of my focus.

Title/Instructor Day/Time Attributes*
Fall 13207 GOVT
E-1960 Introduction to the Conflict in Israel and the Occupied Territories

Spring 23343 GOVT
E-1961 Comparative National Security Strategies of Middle Eastern Countries

Spring 23273 GOVT
E-1962 Jihad: From Classical Islam to Bin Laden

E-103 Science in the Islamic Middle Ages

Fall 13388 RELI
E-1028 Introduction to the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament)

Spring 23089 RELI
E-1550 Understanding Islam and Contemporary Muslim Societies
Ali S. Asani

So...lots of interesting stuff. I love another pology but I am worried I will not get the focus of the region I want. I suspect I have some control over my thesis though.


Anthrogeek10 said...

Are you kidding Anyur? lol I am going to try and increase my credit score (something I have been working on anyhow) and apply for a credit based education loan of 10 grand. :-)

Worth it-to get into Harvard.


Chiara said...

A book review with a little background information would be great.

So if I understand the Harvard program then, you get your degree by extension and must be successful in the first 3 degree courses you take.

Great choices offered. I have mine picked out LOL :)

Anthrogeek10 said...


Ok. I will work something up. It wont be as formal as the other book review. I am a huge supporter of him and his work. I know Saudi's don't like him at all due to his liberal Islamically correct views. :)


Chiara said...

Looking forward to it!