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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Identity crisis?

Humans have so many ways to identify one another. Some of the labels are positive, some are quite negative. We put Homo sapiens in different boxes like race, religion and economic class. Some communities around the world are labeled as egalitarian (not us!). Those communities tend to have very little, if any status labels. I think those communities are interesting.

As a rule, we are labeled by our race, are we rich or poor?, educated or not?, etc.

Personally, I tend to be confused and have frequent identity crisis'. What I mean by that is I can related to both the East and the West. I have characteristics that mesh very well with the Muslim world. For example, I don't eat pork and have not for several years. I believe in the structure of a family/marriage (although "the family" can be left up to interpretation). I like wine and could be a wine connoisseur if I had the money. That does not mesh well with Islam. :)

In addition, I dress quite modestly for a Westerner, but think I would be able to be myself in hijab. I believe that a man can find eyes a turn on or hands. I dont wear shorts or a traditional bathing suit. My time in the middle east has affected me in alot of ways.
With regards to hijab, (I mean covering of the hair), I do not think I could do that long term. I would find that constricting. I do however respect the use of hijab for whomever who wants to wear it!! I want to make that clear.

I am also very independent and would have a very difficult time living in KSA for the long haul. I could do it for up to 2 years.

All that said, I feel somewhat out of place with all Westerners and feel out of place somewhat with a group all from the Mid East. Does any other Western women feel this way? I feel like the oddball! :)


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