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Friday, January 23, 2009

ethnography opportunity

Ok folks. I have an amazing anthopological project to work on. i hope it will come to furition! Here is a synopsis. I hope to interview some people from the alcohol prohibition era.I blocked out the names of my collegues.

Oakland Historical Archaeology Project Profile

Director: Professor , M.A., Valencia Community College
Ph.D. Student, Department of Anthropology, University of Florida

Associates and volunteers: (UCF), (UCF), Tiffany George-Toole (UCF),
Archaeological excavations at the Chambless-Hull House (8OR9836)
Cemetery Recording and Mapping at the Old Oakland African American Cemetery (8OR9567)
Recording Oakland’s oral history through ethnographic interviews
Curate artifacts at and develop a cultural history display for the new Oakland Nature Preserve facility.
Educational outreach by teaching local school children about archaeology and the town’s cultural history
Old Oakland Hotel site-fieldwork TBA (pending).

Project Scope:

The project primarily focused on Archaeological Excavations in 2007-2008 at a homesite associated with one of the town’s pioneering families. Artifact analysis is continuing.

Artifacts that were among the most interesting recovered include a cross-amendable assemblage of ceramic kitchenware, a very high proportion of medicinal and hygienic related bottles, a high proportion of alcoholic related vessels, and metal tools.

Major Research Objectives:

1. Investigate aspects and events in Oakland’s cultural history absent from the written record.

2. Examine the artifacts and oral accounts to reconstruct the cultural history of historic Oakland by
looking at socioeconomic status, exchange networks, consumer choice, foodways, health,
self-medication, leisure, work and ethnicity.

3. Understand how the residents reacted to and interacted with early 20th Century American issues
such as the Pandemic Flu of 1918-1919, Prohibition to Alcohol and the Great Depression.

4. Promote public awareness of historical resources to all ages through educational

5 Develop a cultural history display for the Lake Apopka basin for the new environmental education center of the Oakland Nature Preserve.

6. Publish and present our research to the Florida state master file, the Florida Anthropologist and various academic conferences.

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