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Welcome to my blog. Here I share my successes and failures along my journey to becoming an anthropologist. My most prominent interest anthropologically are the new approaches to handing food security/healthy eating in the US, particularly in urban "food deserts". I enjoy the Anthropology of Tourism as well; combining food and tourism has scholarly promise. My other interests which have converted into anthropological hobbies of sorts include converts to Islam, diaspora of Muslims, and MENA in general. I also have some interest in historical archaeology.

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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Update on my progress in school

Hello everyone!

School is going very well. I am pretty much *finished* with this semester. I am avoiding an extra point paper just because I am, like I said *finished* (tired). I will do it however. I need about 5 points to ensure my 'A' status in Human Species. I will do a 2 page paper on one of my favority primates: the Siamang. They make some of the most beautiful sounds in the animal kingdom. Follow this site and click on 'play audio'.


I added my progess list to the left of the blog. I will update it as the semesters turn over. Once I am out of class (in December). I need to find a way to redo this blog. I want it to look much different than it does. I am just not one of those people who has the gift....



Um Naief said...

congrats on the A, and hope the paper gets done in record time... since it's your favorite animal, should be an easy one to do.

also, congrats w/ being finished w/ school.

Anthrogeek10 said...

Thanks but I have not finished my finals yet. :-) I have three more exams to go plus the paper, which has been started.