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Welcome to my blog. Here I share my successes and failures along my journey to becoming an anthropologist. My most prominent interest anthropologically are the new approaches to handing food security/healthy eating in the US, particularly in urban "food deserts". I enjoy the Anthropology of Tourism as well; combining food and tourism has scholarly promise. My other interests which have converted into anthropological hobbies of sorts include converts to Islam, diaspora of Muslims, and MENA in general. I also have some interest in historical archaeology.

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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Random thoughts of the day

*How in God's name can someone even THINK the GWB (George W Bush) way was the better way?

*I hope Omama doesn't fuck this up. The world is watching.

*Why is Obama supporting Isreal? Doesn't he know how painful the Palestinians have had it? Why can't we be neutral like Canada?

*Sea World blows. I hate it there.

*I am happy I met some awesome people from Jordan today at Sea World. Maybe they will put in a good comment for me. I doubt it.

*I miss my sister in Chicago

* I want to go to Harvard University for grad school.

*I want to take Arabic but I am scared. lol

Thats all for today.


nyxxie said...

interesting little thoughts

Anthrogeek10 said...

They were on my mind at the time. Not very insightful I know. lol