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Saturday, March 27, 2010

When will I graduate???

Apparently no one at my university knows. It's a big mystery. I went to part time for a reason--to work more due to personal issues I had late last semester. I had to drop two required classes. One is offered in the fall but the other one is not up.I wrote the prof who teaches it. She is a paleontologist. Rumor has it she resigned and she told me in her email that she is teaching it in the Fall. I think she is not telling the truth.Maybe she is not teaching it but someone will. I think that is possible. She told me to keep looking out for the class. Humm...

This uncertainty is really bothering me. I am the type to plan and have a genderal idea of what I am doing.This is a required class and no other school in the vicinity up to 2 hours teaches this.


Chiara said...

Like the new cool blue!!

It is more likely that she is telling the truth and the course will be taught either by her or a replacement. There is probably a SNAFU in the calendar so you need to pay attention to department notices, and check back regularly with the department secretary.

It might also be possible to do an equivalent independent study course through your uni or another one. ie you and a prof creating an independent study for you to do and the prof to supervise that is on a relevant topic and PRE-approved to replace this course as credit for graduation.

Hope it works out well!

Anthrogeek10 said...

I hope she is not bSing me. I understand her not actually being able to share her resignation and she worded it in such a way that I *know* something is up.
I do not think there is another qualified palentologist at our uni. They may bring an adjunct in or a lecturer until they find a tenure track assistant prof.

Ahh well. Accept what you cannot change and you will feel better. That is my new motto.

Ps--did you read my new paper?

Chiara said...

Yes, if there is something unusual about her resignation the uni calendars will be behind, and they will replace her with an adjunct, or a lecturer, even a doctoral student. This is especially true if she is telling you the course will go ahead.

I hope it works out.

I have your new paper saved to read when I can give it decent attention. Soon I hope!

Anthrogeek10 said...

Ok....have a good Sunday!

I am doing research. lol

Anthrogeek10 said...

Officially, I have registered for the two classes Ineed to graduate! Dec 2010 here I come!!! Yeah baby!!

Chiara said...