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Welcome to my blog. Here I share my successes and failures along my journey to becoming an anthropologist. My most prominent interest anthropologically are the new approaches to handing food security/healthy eating in the US, particularly in urban "food deserts". I enjoy the Anthropology of Tourism as well; combining food and tourism has scholarly promise. My other interests which have converted into anthropological hobbies of sorts include converts to Islam, diaspora of Muslims, and MENA in general. I also have some interest in historical archaeology.

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

focusing on a specific topic

I have not posted in a while and of course it is due to my busy schedule with the combination of work and school. I find school fun but sometimes I am stressed only due to the amount of reading that needs to happen by a deadline. Other than that, things are easy. I am getting straights 'A's' which is cool. I was watching a show called 'Good Eats' last night and most people know what that show is. I like his way of combining food science with fun but sometimes he adds a different element. Last night, it was on pancakes and a Food Anthropologist was on the show talking about American Indian's and their way of making corn cakes on hot rocks. I thought that it was a very cool segment!!!

That said, I now have another direction I may go into but still stick with Middle Eastern Studies. I may want to diversify to Food Anthro. I used to be in food science so this is a natural progession. There is a school in Indiana that focuses on Food Anthropology. I have so many decisions I need to make. I am hopefully going to take Nutritional Anthropology next semester to see how I like it. I am also taking 2-3 classes in my minor.



Susie of Arabia said...

I didn't know there was such a thing as Food Anthropology! I just posted about Anthony Bourdain's "No Reservation" which taped a show here in Jeddah - you will definitely enjoy it!

Anthrogeek10 said...


I read your blog and I loved that show. It was a BIT PC for me but it still showed the positive about KSA. I used to be a beverage developer in the food science field so I really used to be into food. I love to cook now. I wish I had some Saudi recipes. Can you post some? ;)
I have, based upon my heart and talking to my professors, decided to stick to Middle Eastern Studies. Now...the challenge is to start to learn Arabic! Yikes!


Um Naief said...

Middle Eastern studies is a very good field... could take you many places, especially w/ the climate of today.

Food Anthropology sounds very interesting.

I think it can take many years to truly decide what you want to do, especially when you're older, have been out in the world, and know what makes you happy vs. not, like so many younger kids today. So keep w/ it... take a variety of classes... find out what truly makes you tick!

Anthrogeek10 said...

Umm Naief,

Thanks for your response. I agree. I discussed the matter with a professor and she was certain that I will do well in the Middle Eastern studies field. I slept on that discussion and realized she is right. :-)