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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Job woes

Well, it has been about 9 days since I was let go from my job. I feel more at peace. I hated that job. I now have another problem-the problem of finding a job with a firing behind me. Honestly, that is the truth, I just want it to be behind me. I have learned some lessons from that job that I can take with me to the future. I don't hate them or wish them ill-I just want them (as they indicated to me) to not fight the unemployment.

I will be working on looking for a job and studying for the GRE more aggressively beginning tomorrow. My days will consist of physical therapy, breakfast, job hunting for 7-8 hrs and winding down with some GRE studying for an hour. I am planning on taking the GRE studying in small "bites". Now to figure out how to pay for it!

Have a peaceful day everyone.

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Chiara said...


Good to see you are blogging again.
I got your email and replied, but every time I send it, it says your inbox is full and it can't be delivered.

Anyway, great to hear from you via email and blog.

Hang tough! :D