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Welcome to my blog. Here I share my successes and failures along my journey to becoming an anthropologist. My most prominent interest anthropologically are the new approaches to handing food security/healthy eating in the US, particularly in urban "food deserts". I enjoy the Anthropology of Tourism as well; combining food and tourism has scholarly promise. My other interests which have converted into anthropological hobbies of sorts include converts to Islam, diaspora of Muslims, and MENA in general. I also have some interest in historical archaeology.

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Thursday, December 3, 2009

changes once again

The grand plan has changed. Life is not anything if it is dull right? I know not many people read my blog but thats ok. I will mention I am going down to part time school starting in the fall. I will be taking a graduate course-Anthropology of Tourism and an online undergraduate course on Native Americans.

My decision has been made in light of recent issues with my soon to be ex husband. Yes, I have called it quits. I hope to dissolve this marriage quickly but funds are at a minimum now. I will work full time and attend class part time. I know the graduate class will be quite different in that there will be alot of writing compared to past courses.

The new plan is to graduate Dec 2010



Chiara said...

I'm sorry that this is happening, but you seem to be taking the practical steps necessary, and I am sure your heart will heal with time.

Anthrogeek10 said...

More bad news-if my life could not get any worse-I was turned down for the transfer on the apartment. Now I will have to walk away from the apartment my soon to be ex husband and I shared and take a nose dive in my credit.

Anthrogeek10 said...

I asked 2 of my professors for an incomplete and to be allowed to take the final in the spring. I do not have high hopes for that situation at all.

Chiara said...

Oh that is a setback. Still getting extensions to Spring is a better option than trying to complete now.

Divorce is expensive! but you know that!

Anonymous said...


I saw a reply to a posting you left for coolred on facebook, so I know at least 1 thing that happened ... sorry to hear that. :(

Are you using an attorney or just doing the paperwork yourself?

Anthrogeek10 said...

I have an attorney through school. I like her alot. I cannot afford the divorce though. The court system has a payment plan for people in my "situation". Chiara knows. You can shoot me an email privately if you like.