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Sunday, October 11, 2009

I have finally decided...

...that am a Sufi Muslim! I feel good making a stand on my beliefs. I really do. now I need a Sufi master to teach me the ropes. I have Rumi poems and love them already.

If your going to tell me this is not Islam or whatever...blah! ..save it for someone else. I am happy!



Faith in Writing said...

Hoorah!! Glad you worked it out:)
I find the sufi stuff very interesting. DId you see the documentary about it from BBC? We saw in in Aus, I'll get you the link..... hold on....oh, it's called The Retreat. There was a thing to watch online but it's gone now. Have a read about it. It was about a retreat in Spain at a place run by Sufi-style Muslims.
Yay!! Celebrate!!
-I say this as someone who will remain unsure of her faith forever.... it never ends for me.

ellen557 said...

Aw yay! I don't know you that well but am happy that you made a decision that you are happy with! Sufi Islam is very beautiful ^_^

Chiara said...

Congratulations, mashallah!

Have you seen the film Baraka? very beautiful and very sufi--so I`m told.

Muslim Reverie is a blog by a Pakistani American with a strong Sufi belief and practice. He writes beautiful sufi style poems and also cites others.

Check it out:

Anthrogeek10 said...

Shukran everyone! I will do more research to see if I can join a sufi group. The whirling dervishes are coming to my city in Feb. Its at the Orange County Convention Center. The convention center is in walking distance from me. I really want to go.

Chiara-I will check out his blog. Thanks!

Just because I made this leap, does not mean that I dont have identity issues or confusions. I just have found something that makes me feel at peace that is all.

My graduate class I am taking next semester is going to be interesting. I have my research paper topic already set...the class has not begun yet. lol I cleared it with the prof already.

Chiara said...

Afwan and way to get the jump on the grad class. Enjoy exploring sufism, and Jehanzeb's blog.

Salma said...


Just because I made this leap, does not mean that I dont have identity issues or confusions. I just have found something that makes me feel at peace that is all.

Your statement is the truest that a human can admit. That's what I said to my mother when I converted to Islam.

Glad I found your blog (through FHWOS). Good for you making a decision for yourself.

Usman said...

Islam is what Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) practiced. If the "whirling dervish" practice the same thing then it is Islam. Otherwise it is only "Sufism".

The reason some people these days are drawn to this Neo Sufism is not much different from the "spirit" people found in hippie movement in 1960s and 70s.

As for choosing your Sufi master, I tell you to be careful. 99% "Sufi" that you will find are fake. The rest 1% of genuine Sufi can only be found by following the true way of deen. I personally do not have much knowledge of Sufism but I know a good deal of fake Sufis. And they have robed thousands of life by their fraud. Some of those stories I know personally. As for the reason why I could not find the genuine 1% is because I never practically followed the true path.